Afraid to talk in the second language– English

The moment I talk, the things I feared most is people walk away from me.

The frustration that people just don`t want to talk to you. Am I not worth it, no, it`s only because mother tougone speakers are too shallow to understand what I am about to say. Or, actually because people are simply in a hurry and don`t want waste your time in a slow motion conversation.

I am not a freak, I undersdand exactly what you mean (maybe not all the time since I couldn`t catch what you are saying if you are speaking too fast)

The fluent flow of language is what bond people together, the moment I showed the unfamilarity, they just point the point for me to walk away. Actually we can bond, I will try my best to connect with people around.

Obviously not everybody is good at every kind of language, is there such big a barrel that can seperate people from understanding each other.

When it comes to movies, I thought everyone share the same right to enjoy what is projecting on the big screen.

But after all the things on the screen are just imagination and sections of life, if I don`t want to be a loser in real life and keep myself confined in the small piece of screen in front.

Only the ability to communicate with others and absorb knowledge is admirable, because everybody is constantly learning the new things from people around. The web pages, screens and books are just the dead knowledge stored from the living people.

I guess what`s most important is the ability to communicate with the people around and get the most out of the communication. Instead of staring the book or the screen to suck things out of the media. Why don`t we open our mind to operate our own mind and observe, analyse, learn from people around, learn from the things around.

Why get discouraged at the first place if your first language is not English, you are supposed to have a learning curve to get used to what is the best way to express yourself. The feeling of being separated is just temporary. The most important thing is to learn and observe and open your mind and learn fearlessly.

There is are great world out there open for me to explore and learn.


About feeling the culture(volunteering in the Royal Easter Show)

When it is the time to face the locals and talk, I backed out, just like another dude`s sister on the volunteering thing


Actually this is our chance to explore the other world,

with all the talking to the other person,

open a door to an unknown world,

Even 3 mins of talking to a young guy

I know he is a Sydneysider who did`t attend college and travelled around the world(few countries to be exact: Thailand, South Africa and some Asian countries maybe)

Although being familiar with the words:”你好~谢谢~“ and saying them together as a gesture of knowing Chinese culture, young man still got this altitude that Chinese students tend to believe degree weighs over everything(the moment I told him I was studying for the boring Master degree)

If really think about it seriously, it might be the fact that both of us were jumped queue by two Chinese girls that annoyed him and started to cheering me up by saying that whenever you feel something, feel free to say it. Actually, this is the moment that I picked up the cultural difference thing,

To me, jumping the line, especially if it`s two well-dressed girls just going up front the counter wouldn`t be a big issue, maybe it`s even not a ethical dilemma for them because they just walked right past us without a second thought. But it really sets him on fire and he started to make complaints to our team leader about the situation, and he was showed sympathy, the team leader`s facial expression can be read as:”Don`t argue with this kind people, there is not much point, don`t worth it”

But there is also this cool guy(finished studying town planning), who is quite considerate of other people`s feelings, making heart-feeling jokes around and always understanding. One of the few guys who I did talk to.

The team leader is a lady in her 50s maybe, not too much hair but lots of passion, she has been attending every Royal Easter Show ever since the second week she was on earth. Giving us the sweet tips and all, showing us around with all the great places to get the best snack.(talking of which, there are just some many thing on a stick—cheese on stick, potato on stick, marshmallow on stick…according to my estimation, it is for pure convenience)

The other team leader is a female so strong that I think she can lift Stallone up single-handedly, but you can feel her honesty and down-to-earth altitude the second she talks, Nice, Decent people~~~

But the most impressive person would be the HR manager, which struck me most is her way of handling the presentation and flow of the words, tender and firmative, all the things organised and well-planned. Those confidence and experience put her in the right place to be.

“Never say: Sorry, I don`t know—Instead, THAT is a GREAT question!” Then go to fetch the right answer…

“I don`t know” is just a big “no no”.

The other thing about this old lady is her sensitiveness of every time words from her mouth being too harsh, she will rephrase it in a more gentle way, but still, message conveyed.

Maya, impressive name, hard working manager, what can you expect more from a gentle nice girl, although losing a little weight could make her even more attractive.

Also, a young boy, even before entering uni, has already been doing three part-time jobs, recently received his offer.(Although being too proud and mixing it with shyness, still, a good young lad)

A beautiful woman, with long straight brunette, tight jeans, laying low at the back rows, still shines as she walks around(am I being kind of idiot, I think so…)

After all, great experience meeting lots of interesting people, seeing the unpublic stadiums,learning the management, and lots of freebies~~(shame on me)

Is business knowledge nessesary for Engineers?

Hell yeah,

otherwise how to sell your product to your clients? your boss? or even your colleagues…

As a matter of fact, the ability to sell and manage resources can be more important in the future career of each single person, because we are doing trading every moment in our life, starting from buying a pack of Doritos in the supermarket, to choosing our lifetime partners if you take it seriously…

If engineering is about exploring the physical world and solve any encountered problem, then business is all about the trend of the society and people involved in it, you can`t live without it yet it is always ignored by us in our daily simple lives.

After a full day study of all the business courses in UNSW for the undergraduate degree of Commerce,

I deeply found out my lack of business knowledge in the past years have left my working experience blank in the perspective of business operation.

Take today`s courses as example:

Global Business Environment – MGMT1101

A academic touch of different culture, all the business components just become crystal clear with all the structures laid out in forms and constant real-life art comparison in the context of political habitat and customs, and all the political dangers business owners face are analysed in a easy-to-understand way, although in real-life the decision-making is more of a instinctual process, but it is really amazing to find out all the affecting elements of environment affecting the business operation.

Guess the best suggestion drawn from it is to keep eyes on the environment all the time, just like a horse to look out for danger and a lion to look for opportunities.

Business and Economic Statistics – ECON1203

The wisdom of probability and the tabulation of all the result, including the hot-bunny style Dr giving the lecture.

All the analysis is not only a candy for the mind but also for the eye.

Financial Markets and Institutions – FINS5512

( )this is the lecturer`s biograph posted in his own little company.

Although the Financial people seems to be quite pretentious (at least this is the first impression from the lecturer as well as the students attending the lecture, guess the spiritual merits can be contagious in a center-patterned organisation from top down..)

the case study is very informative since they tend to outline the important role of financial knowledge in all the meta-investment projects, leaving the bankers laughing in the end(for instance the project of underground tunnel in Sydney)..

Maybe it is to do with the need to plan all the big stuff, so it is supposed to be big after all.

But his knowledge of all the market institutions really impressed me, and the way he treat case studies really impressed me as a new way of thinking.

Smart Grids and Distribution Networks – GSOE9141

all the concepts are interconnected to the final center word–smart grid

By the way, it is really of great importance to the final thesis.


On a disastrous interview

I really regret I didn’t make enough practice before the interview.

Every second on the interview table is my chance to win the battle or lose the shit out.

Out of being cocky and didn’t prepare enough, every chance just passed by and didn’t leave me a better chance to impress them

During the past 3 days I was really not myself… Although I have been looking at the textbooks and watching movies, there is only one thing actually wandering around in my mind: “How did my interview go ? Do I get the job or not ?”

Nothing feels worse than being kept on the toes by that little tiny hope that you can make it, but results are so unsure, and they make lots of difference.

Listening to the records on my phone of the INTERVIEW, I do feel that I am such an idiot, everything feels so wrong whenever I was asked a question which I haven`t prepared before. (Only when I listen to the recordings and rethink about it, every preparation counts, even the slightest preparation on the questions being asked can make a tremendous difference between live and death.)

Although I was feeling like on the top of the world during the interview, asking all the questions with professional knowledge and all that stuff, but the recordings did show me who I really was, A cocky applicant who have no idea of how to deal with people, shall we say immature, since we just don’t know how to deal with people with the rhythm.

*NEVER ever have too much question to ask at the end of the interview to bore the inviewer because everyone`s time is precious, and everyone`s patience is worn out during the end.

*Stephen is more practical, should never ask question that bothers both the interviewer and the interviewee, have some more social sensitivity, although speaking more English can give you the advantage of being heard, you cant make sure what people think about your shitty English (Stick to the fact, never being sentimental, NOT PROFESSIONAL)

“What Stephen is talking is list of facts in a logical way which makes his job easier and my information easier to get.

*Too sentimental always gets in the way of judgement, and the emotion of being uncomfortable just make me nervous about what to say to fill in the blank in order to make myself not feeling a little bit of in control instead of being embarrassed

“Talks too much” is really a weak point, especially when I am nervous and don’t know how to reduce the pressure and tension.

*Talk as little as possible or just talk in a meaningful way, I am just an idiot…..

*Too sentimental at the end of the interview(just don’t know what to say to realieve the pressure of not talking anything at the end )

I believe my resume has nailed the position pretty well, even the recruitment manager has been deeply impressed by it. But if I didn’t get the job, I am pretty sure that my interview blowed the whole thing up by overreacting and overtalking,

Up till now, when i listen to the phone call recordings of the interview notifications made by the manager, he tends to feel pretty intense that I will be dissatisfied with his manner and decide not to go to the company

Every communication during the interview is a chance of showing your character and way of dealing with people.

Never become to sentimental, it is really disgusting to see some man talking in the uncomfortable way like I did. (Exactly the kind of thing I tried to avoid during the interview of last time for the culture mentor thing, I believe it is the nerve that make me behave not the same as I usually do)

Sometimes I do care too much about people around that I lose my own focus,

Sydney Fringe in a foreigner`s eyes (1st part)

I suppose we can call it an unusual Sunday night~



after getting away from the noisy main road , wandered around in some Surry Hills`s small & quiet neighborhood walkways,

(pass by a family backyard barbie—a dream I promised to my ex…)

We finally got to the destination,

Crown St.

We can even hear the crowd streets away~

First thing in sight is a bunch of people standing in front of a corner shop called:



IMO it is beautifully named after the movie ” The cook, the thief, his wife & her lover “—-this is the longest movie title I have heard so far, and it`s a damn good movie (although it feels more like a stage drama, using lots of bright contrasting colour and in a word—It feels really dramatic and somehow feminism—telling a story mainly about an aged unsatisfied wife betraying her…..wait a sec… maybe I should I avoid the spoiler, just put the emphasis on the things woman love the most—-her lover  )

 Anyway, back to the shop, apparently SHOES are the love of a woman too. 

Through the windows and crowds we saw a beautiful woman playing guitar, so we sped up, Oh yeah, that`s who we are…



actually this is a photo on her blog(,

I didn`t got the courage to reach for my cellphone and take a pic with her, after all, I`m just a newbie here in Sydney~~

As soon as we approached the doorway, music stops and comes the warm applause announcing the end of performance.

In this little shining decorated shoe shop 



stands 20+ people and the doorway is filled with people.

It`s really a shame I didn`t put up the camera and took a shot.

Lots of unsatisfied audience stayed there to have some more chit-chat, we figured it`s too obvious to just step in and say hi,


we continued our journey back on Crown St. (LOSERS…)

After searching and searching, finally found a bar mentioned by a girl the other day —-the Trinity Bar.


the Bass and the talking crowds definitely makes it attractive, getting all street`s attention.

So this is how a Sydney bar feels like, quite different from back home.

More laid back, inviting atmosphere, friends` chit-chat and everything (those are the words from its website….put them here because I couldn`t think of better words to describe it ). Much different from bar culture back in China.

And I like it~ Just like the people here, laid back, Enjoying life~~

However It feels a little bit of intimidating to walk into this friendly place to order a beer and have a chat,

mainly because of the feeling that my broken English might not be able to handle the questions thrown at me, like :”Which kind of beer would you want  ?” or stuff alike…Gotta tell you, culture do make a barrier in daily communication.

Even up till now, looking at their online menu, I still have to look some words up in the dictionary.Menu_Jun_2014

Though you got the money, you don`t know how to spend it (In this case, my pocket money is far from enough..)

So adios, Trinity Bar, maybe when I got the money, I will come back to conquer you by ordering a pork ribs, maybe.

With the thought in mind “FREE OPEN PARTY”, we went on our way to the next stop.

On the inbetweeners 2, There is this word “Australia is the country of sex”….


Hope so..


Power substation engineering research feelings (UNSW)

Although up till now it has been a long day,

I have got quite a lot of fun after searching for the due assignment of HV system.

Main gains are listed in the following:

1.the new trends in substation designs including a small paper and a long report standing behind it

(major focus is divided into two divisions–primary side and secondary side)

2.after a dig into a Sydney based battery company (ECOULT), Found out more about battery technology`s implication in the substation as well as micro-grid and renewable.

3.Besides ICE61850`s repeatedly appearing on the screen telling me it is important.

I reckon it must be some kind of general rules just like all the other standard, in order to find out the practical use of it, case-study of real projects may offer me more insight into it

4.Research in the power system area can`t avoid a difficulty of proving the correctness of the theory, so the use of Matlab, simulink and simpowersystem is required for the demonstration, maybe that is why professor insists on us doing the matlab experiments all by ourself, which does make sense because we will be faced with much more complex simulations in the coming projects

5.Since the lab for power system protection is scheduled on week 5, I till got 2 weeks in order to familiar myself with MATLAB and dig into the software